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May 16, 2012 – Evening snack

Written by: Second Stomach


It was late and we were tired. We had just gotten off our plane from Cologne, Germany and arrived into London, England. After a relatively long bus ride from the airport, we were wandering around Golders Green and needed to eat a snack. LIkya stood out to me since the cuisine was turkish and there seemed to be a number of people still dining inside.


Going inside the restaurant, we inhaled the beautiful smells of turkish kebabs:


Here’s a look at the menu:


Tonight’s evening snack:

Bread & Pita bread

Kuzu Guvec


Bread & Pita bread

– The pita bread was very hot and soft. The pita was on the dryer side – it was thin and slightly stiff

– We were served 2 dipping sauces. One was a yogurt based sauce with garlic, dill, and lemon. It was creamy and slightly sweet. The other sauce was a slightly chunky red sauce that was very very hot, similar to a hot salsa. The heat didn’t hit you right away – it was more of a delayed effect.


Kuzu Guvec – 9.50 pounds

– This is listed as a house specialty and described as cubes of lamb with mushrooms, onions, peppers in a special tomato sauce

– We really enjoyed this. The lamb was very tender and the vegetables were soft. The sauce is thin so it wasn’t exactly like lamb stew. I was happy to see that we were served a decent sized portion.


Here’s the rice that was served along with our lamb:

– I’m not exaclty sure what the “brown” flecks are in the rice but they were soft. The rice was good- my only complaint is that there wasn’t enough of it. We ran out of rice pretty quickly especially since our lamb was so tasty and was starving for more rice.

Taste: 4/5

Presentation: 4/5

Value: 3/5


Here’s our bill tonight:


Likya is a turkish restaurant at Golders Green in London. The atmosphere is casual and the food looks to be very authentic. Walking in and seeing and inhaling the kebabs was so inviting. The food here appears to be very good – we really enjoyed our lamb tonight. It’s hard not to convert british pounds into canadian but I suspect for local Londoners, that the pricing for the food here is very good value.


The good…

– Authentic turkish cuisine


The bad…

– Rice portions served with dishes are small

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