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June 5, 2012 – Lunch

Written by: Second Stomach


I was looking for a place for lunch and after wandering around a bit, came across a “lunch special” sign. This is what brought me in today:


The restaurant is tastefully decorated – at first, I thought I was going for chinese cuisine, but the decor was south asian and I realized fairly quickly after seeing a menu full of different types of curry, that the food would be singaporean.

I ordered off the lunch special menu. The selections that were $6.50 were all vegetarian dishes and I needed something with meat. All meat selections were $7.50

Today’s lunch:

Beef with Red Curry


Egg Drop and Tofu Soup

– The lunch special comes with an egg drop and tofu soup

– The soup had small chunks of sliced beef.  There was plenty of tofu and some peas as well.

– I felt very thirsty after drinking this (maybe there was a lot of MSG??). I didn’t think the soup was very good either.


Beef with Red Curry

– This came with a side serving of rice and salad. The salad was a plain salad with lettuce and a more “dilute” version of thai red chili sauce with vinegar. The rice was plain and sticky – I would have preferred more coconut flavor in the rice.


Here is a closer look at the curry:

– This curry was definitely not what I expected. It was quite watery. The flavor was mainly spicy and salty. I could not taste any coconut at all (and coconut was listed on the menu!).  In the curry, there was sliced beef, red and green peppers, tofu, bamboo shoots, and brocolli. I actually thought the sliced beef tasted similar to the smaller beef slices that was found in my egg drop soup. Perhaps the same beef was used? Some of the beef slices were a bit tough and stringy.

– Overall I was disappointed with the taste of this dish. This really didn’t taste like curry especially since it was so watery. There’s no coconut flavor in this curry and for that reason, I prefer thai style red curry.

– I was, however,  impressed with the amount of food provided though. I was reasonably full and surprisingly had some leftovers – this is what I ended up bringing home.


Taste: 2/5

Presentation: 3/5

Value: 4/5


Here’s my bill for lunch today:


Red Ginger is conveniently located on Broadway. I found myself dining with many others here today for lunch. The lunch specials are really good value – starting at $6.50 and includes soup, salad, rice, and a main entree. Although I wasn’t particularly impressed with how my red curry tasted today, I find myself wanting to give this restaurant another chance and try some other dishes.


The good…

– Great value, especially lunch specials

– Tastefully decorated.


The bad…

– Food is fairly average.

– Finding parking in the area can be tough

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