Red Pagoda


1408 Commercial Drive

Vancouver, BC  V5L 3Y2

Tel: (604) 569-1919


August 2, 2012 – Dinner

Written by: Second Stomach


Snowman, Blizzard, and I went to Red Pagoda tonight in hopes of having a “light” and quick meal. Red Pagoda is located right on the bustling area of Commercial Drive and fortunately, we were able to find street parking a few blocks away. Walking in, we noticed that the atmosphere was casual but yet different than the typical hole-in-the-wall vietnamese restaurants. Where were all the blinking neon lights? How about the ultra cheap tables and chairs? This bistro actually looked half-decent.


Here’s what we had for dinner tonight:

Pagoda Yellow Curry served with rice

Lemongrass Chicken and Springs Rolls Noodle Bowl

Charbroiled Lemongrass Pork Chop on Rice


Pagoda Yellow Curry served with rice – $8.95 

This was Blizzard’s selection tonight. Honestly, I’m not exactly sure why she would order curry on a super hot day!


Here’s a closer look at the curry:

– The curry was incredibly thin, like soup. I was quite disappointed with this, actually.

– The curry was also lacking in a lot of flavor. It wasn’t spicy at all, but it was slightly sweet.

– Overall, I thought this was the worst dish amongst the 3 we selected today. For a dish called “Pagoda Yellow Curry”, I would have thought that this might be some sort of signature dish.

Taste: 2.5/5

Presentation: 3/5

Value: 3/5


Lemongrass Chicken and Springs Rolls Noodle Bowl – $9.95

– The spring rolls were light and crispy on the outside. The chicken was listed as “lemongrass” chicken but I couldn’t really taste much flavor.

– Overall, I thought this dish was very bland. The best part of this dish was probably the spring rolls, although I’ve tasted better.


Taste: 3/5

Presentation: 3.5/5

Value: 3/5


Charbroiled Lemongrass Pork Chop on Rice – $9.25

Snowman ordered the best dish today, as usual. In contrast to Blizzard’s curry and my noodle bowl, this one was actually very flavorful! You could certainly smell the lemongrass aromas from this dish as it arrived.

– The pork chop, as it should, was the feature of this dish. It was very lean (very little fat could be seen) and lightly crispy on the exterior from the BBQ but still tender.


Taste: 4/5

Presentation: 4/5

Value: 3.5/5


Here’s our bill tonight:


Red Pagoda is conveniently located on Commercial Drive. The atmosphere of the restaurant seems to fit with the neighbourhood – it’s casual, yet tastefully decorated. The food seems to be a bit of a hit and miss. We didn’t try any pho today as it was just way too hot for soup. Based on our selections today, I think the food is about average tasting but the atmosphere is comfortable. Red Pagoda is a reasonable choice, especially for lunch, if you are wanting to take someone out for Vietnamese.


The good…

– Casual, tastefully decorated

– Relatively quick service.


The bad…

– Hit and miss on various food selections

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