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August 6, 2012 – Breakfast

Written by: Second Stomach


Blizzard and I were weighing out different options for breakfast. Since it’s the civic holiday today, I was anticipating that brunch spots would be very busy today. Still wanting to try something a little different, I called Marulilu Cafe today and I was pleased to hear that they were open and had tables available.

As we approached Marulilu Cafe, we saw their breakfast sign displayed outside:



Here’s the other sign that was displayed featuring lunch and dessert items:


For brunch, we ordered:

Con Panna

Mini Breakfast (with Waffle)

Japanese style breakfast

Con Panna 

I think I ordered this because I missed out on ordering it when I was in Europe. It was okay. Not truly strong enough flavor for me but enough to get me going for the day.


Mini Breakfast (with Waffle)

 Blizzard ordered this. This mini breakfast comes with eggs, bacon, hashbrown, and waffles. I think the waffles were served with a chocolate and vanilla cream.

– Based on Blizzard’s reaction, it seemed to be quite an average breakfast.


Japanese style breakfast – $6.99

– I wanted to visit Marulilu Cafe mainly because I wanted to try their japanese style breakfast. This breakfast came with grilled salmon, plain omelet, rice, and miso soup. There was a choice of natto or tofu and I went with the tofu.

– This was honestly a very plain breakfast, yet very comforting. The salmon was simply that – grilled with a bit of salt and pepper. The tofu was soft, but fairly plain, as was the omelet. A bit of green onion was provided on the side. The miso soup was probably the saltiest item as part of this meal – so it was good for washing down the meal.

– I really didn’t mind this style of breakfast today. I enjoyed having a hot bowl of rice and choosing a bit of the sides to eat with it. I know that this style isn’t for everyone so you’d have to like plain rice first before you’d choose something like this.


Taste: 3/5

Presentation: 3.5/5

Value: 3/5


Marulilu Cafe is a Japanese style cafe offering Western and Japanese style dishes. The western choices are typical breakfast choices – like eggs, toast, andd ham. The lunch items can range from soups and sandwiches to japanese style udon and donburi.There is also an extensive coffee and tea menu and they offer afternoon tea starting at 3:00 pm which includes various little cakes and a pot of tea. The atmosphere is very casual and it seems that locals living in the area frequent this little cafe.


The good…

– Offers something a little different including Japanese style breakfast

– Offers afternoon tea service


The bad…

– Dishes are relatively average-tasting
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