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650 W. 41st Avenue (Oakridge Centre)

Vancouver, BC  V5Z 4H2

Tel: (604) 267-0807


September 19, 2012 – Dessert

Wrtten by: Second Stomach


Hello Kitty brought over pastry for dessert from Saint Germain Bakery. We both really like Napolean and this time, she found a bakery that has Napolean in a larger size. We’re both accustomed to the single serving sizes so this was an exciting find.


Napolean – $5.99 

So, just to clarify, we really did get a full size piece. Hello Kitty couldn’t help herself and had to have a bit of it before this arrived to my place. Honestly, I think you could get 5-6 decent size individual servings from this.


Here’s a picture of us dividing the napolean in half:


And a picture of the cross-section:

– As expected, this napolean consisted of flaky pastry layers, walnut-cake layer, cream, and a generous dusting of icing sugar.

– I felt this was lacking in cream and therefore the napolean was overall a little dry. As I was biting into this, I found all the layers came apart very easily. The pastry was very, very flaky but not crispy. Personally, I would have preferred more crispy pastry. Overall, this dessert was not too sweet which I think many asians often appreciate in a dessert.

Taste: 3.5/5

Presentation: 4/5

Value: 4/5


Making a really good Napolean is an art. I can attest to this because a few years ago, Hello Kitty and I tried to make Napolean ourselves. I remember “readIng” the recipe in advance and telling Hello Kitty how “easy” it was going to be because the ingredients were simple. Hello Kitty came over to help me make this and as we were making the puff pastry step-by-step which included kneading, measuring (to get the right length and width), and folding the pastry, I came to reading a line that said “then repeat this 3 more times and refrigerate”. So, we complied and then whipped out the pastry later and did the same thing over again… and then realized we had to do the same thing over again – kneading, measuring, folding, and refrigerate. Before we knew it, hours had gone past and Hello Kitty had to return the following night for us to complete our baking. It must have taken 3 nights before we finished this and the end result was probably a napolean about 1.5 x the size of this one tonight. We also must have consumed the finished product in about 5 minutes (it was a labour of love). We haven’t made napolean since that night and now, Hello Kitty continues to bring napolean from various bakeries. Hello Kitty, which bakery is next?


The good…

– Napolean in a larger size – good value for $5.99 (no tax!)


The bad…

– Napolean was relatively average-tasting




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