Breka Bakery & Cafe


6533 Fraser St

Vancouver, BC

Tel: (604) 325-6612


January 26, 2013 – Snack

Written by: Second Stomach


Snowman and I were in the Fraser area again so we walked into Breka Bakery & Cafe intending to just grab a coffee but the display of pastries always seem to beckon us over.

Snowman grabbed the last 2 of the fresh fruit cakes for our snack today.


Fruit Cake – $1

Yes, each slice was $1. I’m sure it was a day old (although the sign didn’t say so).


Here’s a better look at a slice:

Basically the bottom of the cake was a layer of white cake then topped off with a thick layer of whipped cream, and finally a few pieces of fresh fruit on top. The white cake was a little dry (maybe because it could have been a day old) but the whipped cream was very refreshing.

Taste:  3/5

Presentation: 3.5/5

Value: 4.5/5


We had an enjoyable snack during our stop here today. There was ample seating today – so it was a nice change to sit and enjoy a coffee and cake today.


The good…

– Convenient, open 24 hours

– Baked goods. Strudel is popular. Pricing is reasonable.

– Good coffee


The bad…

– Limited seating outside

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