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February 17, 2013 – Lunch

Written by: Second Stomach


I needed a quick lunch today so I ordered for take-out, a large bowl of vietnamese noodle soup. I’ve been to Hanoi Pho a few times before and the noodle soup was reasonable. Walking in today, I noticed it wasn’t very busy but there were a few people getting take-out.


For lunch today, I chose:

Large bowl of Pho – with Rare and Cooked beef


Large Pho – Rare and Cooked Beef – $8.40 including HST


So, this is how my take out order came. A separate bag containing a generous portion of raw bean sprouts, basil leaves, chilis, and brown sauce, and ofcourse the main course.

Here’s a look at the Pho:


– By the time I ate this, there really was no “rare” beef anymore. I have a feeling my take out order was sitting for a while before I picked it up. I was actually really disappointed that my noodles were too soft. Again, likely from sitting in the soup too long

– I also wasn’t fond of the larger slices of red onion. I’m usually used to the very thin slices of white onion. I found the flavor of the┬áred onion a bit overwhelming for the soup.

– Overall, I was disappointed in getting this for take-out. It’s definitely much better when you sit in. Or, what I think Hanoi Pho should do, to improve their take out orders is to keep everything separate- meaning keep the soup separated from the noodles and the beef. Then, when the person is about ready to eat it, put everything together so that the noodles don’t get too soggy and the beef doesn’t over-cook.


Taste: 3/5

Presentation: 3/5

Value: 3/5


Hanoi Pho Vietnamese Restaurant is a typical Vietnamese restaurant serving average fare. There is a decent amount of seating here and service is usually fairly prompt. Situated near Chinatown – it may be a good alternative if you’re craving Vietnamese and all the other restaurants are full.


The good…

– Plenty of seating

– Prompt service



The bad…

– Fairly average tasting vietnamese fare


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