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July 2, 2013 – Dinner

Written by: Second Stomach


We just returned from our trip in the Okanagan and it was super HOT, with temperatures reaching almost 40 degrees celsius. Apparently, Vancouver was going through a hot spell too – not quite as hot as the Okanagan, but hot enough.

Ofcourse, having had so much western food in the last few days, I had to go back to having some chinese comfort food. But, the trick was, I didn’t want to go to a place that was too much of a hole-in-the-wall – not because the food wouldn’t be good, but more because I needed a place with good air conditioning.

I suggested I Cafe to Snowman and Pharmboy and with that, we found some meter parking outside and quickly went inside to enjoy the air conditioning. Unfortunately, after walking in, I realized that they offer complementary parking across the street, but I don’t think you’d know it unless you have been here before or asked ahead of time. Too bad, meter parking is expensive in this area!

The menu has chinese and western style dishes- it’s very much a HK style cafe.


Here’s what we selected for dinner:

Fresh Pineapple Fried Rice

Fried Rice Noodles with Beef (part of dinner special)



Fresh Pineapple Fried Rice – $12.50


– Served in a half shell of a fresh pineapple, came our fried rice. It arrived to our table piping hot. Unfortunately, since all of the rice had to fit into the pineapple shell, I found the portion size to be quite small.

– The fried rice had peas, ham, fried egg, and canned pineapple wedges. Seeing that we ordered a fresh pineapple fried rice, I was hopping for fresh pineapple chunks to be present within the rice.

– Fortunately, as we got to the bottom, we could scrape quite a bit of fresh pineapple to go with the rice. This made the rice very moist and the dish redeemed itself somewhat.


Taste: 3.5/5

Presentation: 4/5

Value: 2.5/5



Fried Rice Noodles with Beef (part of dinner special) – $12.50


I Cafe offers a dinner special menu – which basically has a select few dishes listed for $12.50 – and also includes soup, dinner roll, and a drink.

– I chose to go with my favorite noodles – rice noodles. There were also tender slices of beef, green onion and bean sprouts, and finally, sesame seeds topped the dish.


This is the soup that came with the dinner special:


We chose borscht soup. It actually contained a decent amount of filling.

Ofcourse, a drink came with our set menu. Snowman opted to go for a cold drink – which added another $1 to the bill.



Taste: 3.5/5

Presentation: 3.5/5

Value: 2.5/5


I Cafe is a little hidden away. Even though one side of the restaurant faces Broadway, it’s very easy to miss because the restaurant is actually located on the 2nd floor and the entrance faces Heather street. The setting is a bit nicer than some other HK style cafe’s – and we sat comfortably in a booth and enjoyed the air conditioning on this hot day. Certainly, we paid for it – the food here is definitely much pricier. The food quality is decent, and although you can get similar food quality and probably bigger portions for less elsewhere, we realized we were paying for the nicer and more comfortable setting.


The good…

– Well presented and comfortable atmosphere

– Don’t forget to park across the street at Holiday Inn for complementary parking

– Open 7 days a week, until 10:30 pm or 11:30 pm


The bad..

– Pricey for HK style cafe food

– Smaller portion sizes

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