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July 30, 2013 – Dinner

Written by: Second Stomach


Pharmboy suggested a new ramen place for dinner – Marutama Ra-men. It’s located just off of Robson Street, near most of the best ramen noodle shops that are located in Vancouver. I have loved ramen ever since I discovered how good it could be over 10 years ago when I first tried Kintaro Ramen (which is still here).   Back then, I used to think of ramen as the cheap instant noodle packages but I soon discovered the art of it when trying the authentic version. When we walked in tonight, I realized that Marutama Ra-Men is very small – there was very limited seating and tonight we sat at the communal table.

Tonight, Chai Tea joined us as well – she had already been here before since it opened recently and had positive things to say.

On the table, we read this notice:


Pharmboy initially ordered this – and thought that he got his extra noodles in his bowl when served to him. Once he noticed how big his bowl was, he decided to cancel the Kae-dama.

On the back, there was additional explanation about Kae-dama:


I liked the option that we had to choose the firmness of our noodles – all of us chose Kata-men (al dente).




This is what we had for dinner:

Marutama Aosa Ra-Men

Ramen with Pork slices and boiled egg







 Marutama Aosa Ra-Men – $13.25


– This ramen bowl has pork slices and sea lettuce. When I saw this on the menu, I was intrigued and had to give it a try. I’ve not seen a ramen place with sea lettuce before. There is an option to order mild or spicy – I chose mild.

– There was a lot of sea lettuce – which I think is the same as seaweed. The broth was flavorful and the pork was very tender. I ordered my noodles kata-men (al dente) – and I’m glad I did, because I actually think they could have been more firm than what I expected.

– At around $13/bowl (and this was probably one of the lesser expensive ramen bowls), I found it really pricey. In fact, “The works” – which has a bunch of fillings in the bowl is listed at $18/bowl! But, I had to admit- my Aosa ra-men was really delicious.

 Taste: 4.5/5

Presentation: 4/5

Value: 2.5/5


Ramen with Pork slices and boiled egg


This is what Snowman ordered. I think it was more expensive than my bowl of ramen. Basically, he got more pork slices and a boiled egg. Again, like my bowl, the broth was delicious and the pork incredibly tender.


Kakuni – $5.75


Chai Tea was kind enough to share this dish with us. Kakuni is braised pork belly.

– The pork belly was very fatty, but it was also very, very good. There were only a few pieces, but each bite was melt-in-your-mouth good.

Taste: 4.5/5

Presentation: 4/5

Value: 3/5


Marutama Ra-Men opened recently – and being the new ramen noodle shop, it’s garnered quite a bit of attention. Despite the higher prices, line-ups are common – it seems that people are willing to pay for a really good bowl of ramen. And the ramen is that – absolutely delicious. I have to wonder though-  with so many other excellent ramen noodle shops nearby with lower prices and once the hype dies down a bit, will Marutama Ra-Men survive?


The good…

– Option to select firmness of noodles and to order extra noodles (Kae-dama)

– Delicious and high quality ramen


The bad…

– Line-ups are common

– Parking is a challenge and can be expensive.

– More expensive than other ramen noodle shops.

– Smaller noodle shop – less tables/seats available


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